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We make your work team "click".


monday.com is more than a Project Management platform, it is an entire Operating System to work ( Work OS ), where work teams connect to develop processes, projects and workflows with the confidence that everything will turn out perfect.

A tool that works for everyone!
Manage everything on one board.

A dashboard is where you view and track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who is working and what; as well as what is the status of the tasks and / or activities.

  • Easily add tasks, projects, missions or to-do lists.

  • Assign specific tasks or projects to members of your team.

  • Follow up on time and see the "status" of each task or activity.

  • Plan your workloads with a "visual" timeline.


Agrega fácilmente tareas, proyectos, misiones o listas de pendientes.


Asigna tareas o proyectos específicos a miembros de tu equipo.


Planea tus cargas de trabajo con una línea de tiempo "visual".


Agrega fácilmente tareas, proyectos, misiones o listas de pendientes.


Menciona a una persona o a todo tu equipo.


Obtén notificaciones en tu computadora o móvil en tiempo real.


Arrastra y suelta archivos para centralizar todos tus documentos.


Menciona a una persona o a todo tu equipo.

Communicate with your team in context.

Quickly add rows to your boards; We call these lines "pulses," and they keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for constant meetings and endless email communications.

  • Mention one person or your entire team.

  • Get notifications on your computer or mobile in real time.

  • Comment or like the work done by your team.

  • Drag and drop files to centralize all your documents.

Manage time and plan ahead
  • Visualize what your team is working on at a glance.

  • Instantly evaluate the "bandwidth" of your team.

  • See who is busy and who is not.

  • Make sure that you will meet all your established deadlines.

More than 100,000 clients worldwide trust monday.com

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monday.com is a platform, it is a tool that simplifies the way of working and collaborating with other people -manages workloads, manages projects, assigns responsibilities, communicates with people, automates workflows, etc.- Adopts a management tool that people really love to use, one that is fast, attractive, easy to use and makes their job easier.

Monday. com is a platform that adapts to your needs and also ensures that teams are in contact and collaborate.

You can automate many of your most common processes and focus on the things that really need your attention.

No matter where each member of your team is, monday.com allows you to establish a virtual work center to communicate and collaborate.

In the end you can have all the necessary visibility of the results of your work team, so everyone will be aware of what is happening and can follow up.

It integrates with other applications so you can do more ...








Our experts will help you get the most out of the platform, either with training courses or consulting services.


Our consultants are specialists in Business, Processes and Monday.com, so they can not only "draw"  on the platform, the processes you currently have on your organization, but they can also help you determine if they are the best possible options or recommend you best practices and solutions.

monday.com makes working remotely easy

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