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ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento

Your Sales Ally

The best mobile CRM to prospect and connect with your customers

What is Force Manager?

The leading CRM is for sales teams that move around the clock.

It is a Mobile CRM

Sellers will be able to access, upload and consult their customers' data from their mobile devices in a simple, easy, fast and intuitive way.

It's Quick to Adopt

It is one of the CRM systems with the highest adoption rate by users, so you can be sure that it will be very useful for your commercial team.

Accurate and Timely Information

You will be able to give exhaustive and real-time monitoring of the commercial activity, the interactions with your clients and the business opportunities that exist.

It's easy to use

It is one of the few CRM systems that sellers actually enjoy, because its interface is very friendly and easy to navigate.

Sales opportunities

You can manage your entire business process, from prospecting to closing the sale, so you will have a 360 ° view of customers and sellers.

Data Analysis and Objectives

Set reasonable goals and ensure a successful strategy by analyzing data, rankings , activity indicators and personalized reports.  

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento

Spanish origin system winner of multiple awards and recognitions in the world. It is a very good option for the commercial and service departments of companies, having an intuitive interface and very easy to manage by each of the users. Big companies in the world have trusted them and have not been disappointed.

Increase up to 50% the commercial activities of your team and as a result, sales will also increase.

Invest in the efficiency, productivity and optimization of your sales team

ForceManager implementation is easy, fast, and inexpensive. Your company will not be involved in cumbersome, time consuming and expensive implementation processes. In a month you could have your mobile CRM working and in the second and third month you could already be conducting field tests. It is a geolocation system, easy to use and to be adopted by all users, which will allow you to measure the productivity and efficiency of your sales team, as well as resolve the eternal conflicts between salespeople and sales managers, all of whom are free from reports and of records and are better dedicated to selling.

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento

75% adoption rate by users

100% designed for mobile devices

Implementation in less than 6 weeks

It is an excellent CRM for companies in these industries

Construction Industry Image.jpg
  • Get full visibility of your building & construction site.

  • All the information at your fingertips.

  • Real-time coaching with accurate data.

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Doctor Using Digital Tablet
  • Get full visibility of sales activities.

  • Real-time data makes the difference.

  • Visit your clients in the health sector at the right time.

  • Cross-selling has never been so easy.

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Insurance Agent
  • Better portfolio coverage and proactive coaching.

  • More efficient lead distribution and full visibility and management of objectives in real time.

  • Daily use + 75%, Commercial information + 40%, Savings in administrative tasks per week / agent: +6 hrs.


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Diversity Students
  • Real-time data makes the difference.

  • Portfolio coverage like you've never seen it before.

  • Cross-selling is easier and more effective.

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Build closer and lasting relationships with your customers, whether in person, by video conference, by phone or by mail ... now it is possible!

The connection between sellers and customers has never been so easy

A very easy to use CRM.

It has been designed in collaboration with Apple and sales representatives can easily, quickly and intuitively record and consult all the data of their sales opportunities with their clients and prospects.

  • Agile and simple interface.

  • Commercial monitoring.

  • Available for all devices.

  • Customized and integrated.

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento


ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento


Your own "virtual" assistant

Your business team will be more prepared than ever to go to close more businesses, thanks to Dana, the voice assistant that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and is also integrated with Apple's Siri.

  • Voice assistant

  • Integration with Apple Siri.

  • Automatic reminder and notifications.

  • Smart tracking tips.

Better experiences

Sellers will be happy to use it because it makes it easier for them to interact with their prospects and customers. Online meetings are as effective as traditional visits, thanks to CRM video support.

  • Geolocated visits.

  • Integrated video calls.

  • Voice activity report.

  • Sales campaign management.

  • Real time data.

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento


ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento


Management and collaboration wherever.

As Manager or Director you can direct and collaborate with your sales team from anywhere; and at all times you can have a 360 ° view of the processes and the commercial activity of the clients.

  • Pipeline visibility.

  • Organized and coordinated team.

  • Updated data in real time.

  • Sales objectives and activity.

Great companies worldwide have been successful with ForceManager, meet some of them

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento

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Incorporated digital signature.

Your sales executives can close sales anywhere and sign documents and contracts digitally to streamline processes.

  • Savings in expenses for travel and messaging.

  • Registration of legal contracts on the platform.

  • Shorter sales cycles.

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento

Easy to integrate with other systems and third-party applications, natively or through API's

ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
ForceManager CRM Movil para Equipos en Movimiento
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